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Heres How It Works


The first step is scheduling a FREE 15 MINUTE CALL, or sending me an email.

During our meeting, or in your email, please give me as much information as possible as to what you need help with.

This is the 'getting to know you' part of our work together.

I'll ask Big Questions to help save you time, energy, sanity, and money.


If we continue, we will decide together a communication platform where we can work closely together.

We will build your project in tiny increments, gradually iterating into an application that meets your true needs.

This is called Agile Development. Where we believe the most cost-effective way to produce what customers really want is to maintain close collaboration at all stages.


Nearing completion. I will deploy your web application to a host provider of your choice and stick around until everything is running smoothly.

At this stage, I have completed your project and have handed over the keys.


If you are satisfied (or pissed!). Feel free to leave a review in my subreddit community.

Although I'm the moderator, I have a policy to never delete customer comments no matter what.

Subscription to my community would also notify you of exclusive updates and any open-source projects I release.

What have I created?

Custom Tattoo Design Screenshot

Ruby on Rails / Bootstrap 3 / Jquery

CRM Web Application

Natures Pharmacy Screenshot

Ruby on Rails / Spree / Vue.js / Bootstrap 3


EasyHomepage Screenshot

Ruby on Rails / Spree / Jquery

Open-source Ruby Gem

DxaDesk Screenshot

Ruby on Rails / Bootstrap 3 / Qt DICOM / I18n

Medical Web Application

Callengine Screenshot

Ruby on Rails / Bootstrap 3 / Jquery

CRM Web Application

Callengine Screenshot

Ruby on Rails / Spree / Vue.js / Bootstrap 3


And A Lot More Work I Can't Share

Contracts must be Honored after all.

About Jibril Tapiador

An Artist of Code.

Hey there! You can call me Jib.

I've been in tech for roughly 5 years, and have been working with businesses of every size since June 2017.

I want to help you succeed just as I have helped them.

The code that I craft is beautiful. You can be certain that my work can stand the test of time. Future developers you hire would be delighted to know that my craft can be extended with ease and swiftness.

Customer satisfaction and transparency are values that I deeply care about. We will frequently collaborate and test your application, clearly showing my progress with your project. For any reason at all, you can request a full refund within the first 7 days (if paid in advance).

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